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Sunday Word: Renascent

renascent [ri-nas-uhnt, -ney-suhnt]

rising again into being or vigor, reviving, coming again into being


They struck the ball magnificently, with the renascent Broad clearing the boundary four times and Wood three, but once again Du Plessis’s tactics were strange. (Jude Rogers, Mark Wood shines with bat and ball as England dominate South Africa, The Guardian, Jan 2020)

. Sure, the western world may admire Greece’s classical heritage and express the pious hope that a renascent nation would espouse the democratic and other ideals so revered by the West, yet it was from Orthodoxy that the vast majority of pre-Revolution Greeks derived their cultural identity and value system. (Meghan Cox Gurdon, Russian humanitarian aid during the Greek revolution, NeoKosmos, April 2021)

So spoke love renascent, preparing the way for Tess's devoted outpouring, which was then just being forwarded to him by his father; though owing to his distance inland it was to be a long time in reaching him. (Thomas Hardy, Tess of the d'Urbervilles)


1727, from Latin renascentem (nominative renascens), present participle of renasci 'be born again' (Online Etymology Dictionary)

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