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Sally M

Sunday Word: Reprehensible

reprehensible [rep-ri-hen-suh-buhl]

very bad, deserving very strong criticism


In a word, curiosity. Curiosity fueled by a deep, lingering attachment I felt toward even the most reprehensible of characters in The Forgers. (Rebecca Rego Barry, Forgery, Fiction, and Poe with Author Bradford Morrow, Fine Books and Collections, September 2020)

While Joni was finishing her set, I went backstage to tune up and I did something reprehensible - I took a peek in her notebook. (Cindy Stagoff, Richard Thompson explores past in revelatory memoir, 'Beeswing',, February 2021)

And on the strength of peccadillos, reprehensible in an author, but excusable in a son, the Anglo-Saxon race is accused of prudishness, humbug, pretentiousness, deceit, cunning, and bad cooking. (W Somerset Maugham, Moon and Sixpence)


late 14c, from Old French reprehensible (14c) or directly from Late Latin reprehensibilis, from reprehens-, past participle stem of Latin reprehendere 'to blame, censure, rebuke; seize, restrain'. (Online Etymology Dictionary)


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