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Sally M

Sunday Word: Brumous

brumous [broo-muhs]

foggy and wintry; filled or abounding with fog or mist


Ellis, who previously wrote and directed Anthropoid and Metro Manila, has an eye for arresting imagery and a knack for tension-building, ratcheting up the action from dour discussions by candlelight, fraught matrimonial silences and brumous forests, to horrifying ethnic cleansing, dreamscapes, and rabid attacks. (Jane Crowther, Eight For Silver review, Sundance 2021, TotalFilm, January 2021)

In the long brumous hours of the evening, I sipped tea next to the small tree oasis overlooking the Potala-like palace. (Nitin Chaudhary, Notes from Leh, The Hindu, August 2019)

There's a brumous, pewter light outside, as if someone had stuck tracing paper against the glass. (Helen Macdonald, H Is For Hawk)


French, from Old French, perhaps from Provençal, from Latin brūma, winter (The Free Dictionary)


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