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Wednesday Word: Educe

Educe - verb.

A surprising source of words recently was a Tournament Variety Puzzle book that I bought last year because it advertised 20 syllacrostics--one of my favourite word puzzles.

Apparently, "Tournament" means extra hard or extra obtuse or extra stupid because I have been struggling with it for months. I can't bear to recycle it yet because I haven't gotten my $8.25 worth out of it yet and because it's full of humdingers like educe.

To educe something means to draw out, infer or develop an idea or to discover potential or a latent quality.

For example:

Paul waved the lamp to and fro, trying to educe the wicked expression that had frightened Barbara.

We do not have to draw out or educe positive activities from a child, as some educational doctrines would have it.

Synonyms for educe include derive, conclude and sometimes, as you might have guessed, deduce.
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