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Friday Phrase: Pole of Inaccessibility

Like most word-loving people, I'm a font of useless knowledge, but I was surprised to learn about pole of inaccessibility. It's basically a location that is extremely challenging to reach. There's a specific way of calculating this and the Wikipedia page describes it in more detail along with a list of poles of inaccessibility.

I learned about this nifty concept in a recent 99% Invisible mini stories podcast. At the old Pole of Inaccessibility Research Station in Antarctica, the Soviets set up a bust of Lenin in 1958 that faces Moscow and is still there to this day. Don't believe me? Check it out below!

Southern Pol of Inaccessibility Henry Cookson team n2i.JPG
By Cookson69 at English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

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