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Sunday Word: Fallaciloquence

fallaciloquence [(fuh-lay-shee-oh-kwens]
(Archaic) deceitful or false speech


Marie told her husband that she was tired of listening to his fallaciloquences. She wanted him to tell her the truth. (English-Word information)

The Enugu result was sure but the actual score was a working definition of Fallaciloquence ( Patrick Obahiagbon reacted to Enugu results, Osundefender, 2015)

Being a pre-election year (aren’t they all?) we have had our fill of fallaciloquence. (Chris Chris Remick: I have lethologica?,, 2008)


Not surprisingly, I have been unable to find an online etymology for this extremely archaic work: the Phrontistery indicates it was in use from 1656-1761 and it can probably be assumed that it comes from a similar background as fallacious and loquacious but ulike them, sadly died out...

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