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Friday word: Sitzfleish

What do work, school, church, and family holiday dinners all require?

Sitzfleisch [SITZ-flysh]
- One’s fundament.
- The ability to sit through something that is tedious or dull.
- The stamina needed to endure or persist in a task.
- Endurance or to perseverance in an activity; staying power; persistence.

German “Sitzfleisch” from “sitzen” (to sit) + “Fleisch” (flesh).

Used in a sentence:
“I’m afraid I lack the sitzfleisch needed to sit through another stanza of that bloviating bavian’s so-called poetry.”
“If I have to sit through another stanza of that bloviating bavian’s so-called poetry, I swear I’m going to shove my chukka boot up his sitzfleisch!”
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