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Friday word: Irascible

irascible, adj.

: marked by hot temper and easily provoked anger

Irascible Has an Angry History

If you try to take apart "irascible" in the same manner as "irrational," "irresistible," or "irresponsible," you might find yourself wondering what "ascible" means-but that's not how "irascible" came to be. The key to the meaning of "irascible" isn't the negative prefix ir- (which is used before words that begin with "r"), but the Latin noun ira, meaning "anger." From "ira," which is also the root of "irate" and "ire," came the Latin verb irasci ("to become angry"), which led to French irascible. English speakers borrowed the word from French in the 16th century.


an irascible old football coach
He has an irascible disposition.

Fans of the show remember Tarantina as Jackie, the irascible emcee at the Gaslight comedy club.
Washington Post, "Why did Brian Tarantina get so many shout-outs at the SAG Awards? He was a truly great character actor.," 23 Jan. 2020

And that’s easily the most plausible bit in the entire book, which is otherwise packed with Lafferty’s typically irascible comic genius.
Scott Bradfield, The New Republic, "Science Fiction’s Wonderful Mistakes," 16 Dec. 2019
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