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Friday words: Ideogram, Ideograph, and Logogram

Ideograph, n. is defined as:


Example: Chinese and Japanese are ideographic languages.

Ideogram, n.

1 : a picture or symbol used in a system of writing to represent a thing or an idea but not a particular word or phrase for it especially : one that represents not the object pictured but some thing or idea that the object pictured is supposed to suggest

2 : logogram


Recent Examples on the Web Luxurious hotels, casinos, and nightclubs merge with gray buildings, European remains, and Taoist temples, in a city full of ideogram signs, and unmistakable smells and sounds.
Popular Science, "The world’s most thrilling motorcycle race, in photos," 21 Jan. 2020

Spanish filled the airwaves; the ideograms and characters of Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, and other Asian languages covered the store signs, sparking an angry nativist movement.
Héctor Tobar, The New Yorker, "The Assassin Next Door," 22 July 2019

First known use of "ideogram": 1838, in the meaning defined in no. 1

Logogram, n.

: a letter, symbol, or sign used to represent an entire word; the ampersand and dollar sign are logograms
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