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Monday word: Maravedi

maravedi, n.
mar·​a·​ve·​di | \ ˌmarəˈvādē \

1 : an old Moorish gold dinar of Spain and Morocco
2a : a medieval Spanish unit of value equal to ¹/₃₄ real
b : a copper coin representing one maravedi

Spanish maravedí, from Arabic Murābiṭīn Almoravides, Muslim dynasty of the 11th and 12th centuries in North Africa and Spain, from plural of murābiṭ marabout


He who shies
At such a prize
Is not worth a maravedi,
Be so kind To bear in mind--
Faint heart never won fair lady!

(Gilbert and Sullivan, from "Iolanthe"--"If you go in, you're sure to win")

You can find the video and the lyrics of this song here; do take a look, it's quite entertaining.
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