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Sunday Word: Redacted

redacted [ruh-dak-tuhd ]
1 edited especially in order to obscure or remove sensitive information
2 put into suitable literary form; revised; edited
3 drawn up or framed (a statement, proclamation, etc)


The security sections of the applications have been redacted online. (Valerie Vande Panne, Weed Cops Blaze New Trail, 2017)

Why does anything need to be redacted here amongst the objectives of the government action? (Esther Rutter, QSIA News, More questions regarding the Queensland fisheries reform process – Part 1)


from 'redaction' :'editing for publication,' 1785, from French rédaction 'a compiling; a working over, editing; editorial staff' (late 17c), from Late Latin redact-, past participle stem of redigere (see redact). Meaning 'a redacted version' is from 1810. Earlier it meant 'a driving back' (1620s).

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