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Sunday Word: Vituperative

vituperative [vahy-too-per-uh-tiv, -puh-rey-tiv, -tyoo-, vi-]

1 bitter and abusive

2 uttering or given to censure : containing or characterized by verbal abuse


Loesch is all over it, either monologizing savagely to the camera or nodding in vituperative agreement with her fellow members of the NRATV commentariat. (James Parker, Live-Streaming the Apocalypse With NRATV, The Atlantic)

There would seem to have been no actual counterpart in these languages to the vituperative swearing of modern days. (Julian Sharman, A Cursory History of Swearing)

Now she turned on Anstice fiercely and poured out a stream of vituperative Italian which conveyed little or nothing to his mind. (Kathlyn Rhodes, Afterwards)


1727, from vitupetate, a back-formation from vituperation or else from Latin vituperatus, past participle of vituperare. (Online Etymology Dictioary)

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