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Sunday Word: Cogitate

cogitate [koj-i-teyt ]

1 Think deeply about something; meditate or reflect; ponder on usually intently


Penrose believes that Hawking's condition has forced him to work more creatively, to take imaginative leaps where someone with a less uncertain future might want to cogitate a little longer. (Jerry Adler, Stephen Hawking, Master of the Universe)

Nevertheless, the media machine will cogitate for the next 48 hours on the supposed winners and losers. (Mark McKinnon, Government Shutdown: Who Was to Blame?)

Captain Dove in his turn took time to cogitate over that selfish suggestion. (Hudson Douglas, The White Blackbird)


Latin cogitatus, past participle of cogitare to think, think about, from co- + agitare to drive, agitate (Merriam-Webster)

1560s (transitive); 1630s (intransitive); from Latin cogitatus, past participle of cogitare 'to think' (Online Etymology Dictionary)

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