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Sunday Word: Arrant

arrant [ar-uhnt ]

being notoriously without moderation; extreme


"Grantie, I believe you're talking sheer, arrant nonsense," said Dodo. (Edward Frederic Benson, Dodo)

There is no disguising the fact that Eustacia Benson was the most arrant little prig that ever existed. (Elinor Brent-Dyer, Eustacia at the Chalet School)

Yonder he comes; and that arrant malmsey-nose knave, with him. (William Shakespeare, Henry IV, Part Two)


late 14c., variant of errant (q.v.); at first merely derogatory, "wandering, vagrant;" then (16c.) gradually losing its opprobrious force and acquiring a meaning "thoroughgoing, downright, notorious." (Online Etymology Dictionary)

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