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Sunday Word: Pertinacious

pertinacious [pur-tn-ey-shuhs]
adjective :

1 Holding firmly to an opinion or a course of action, stubbornly tenacious
2 Perversely persistent, extremely or objectionably persistent


Behind these was the agent, punctual and pertinacious , who had come for the rent. (Edgar Saltus, The Paliser Case)

Dogs moreover are most pertinacious beggars, and they soon learn the cunning of the trade. (Dinks, Mayhew, and Hutchinson, The Dog)

He had never forgiven Isabella for her pertinacious adherence to De Soto. (John S C Abbott, Ferdinand De Soto, The Discoverer of the Mississippi)


Early 17th century: from Latin pertinax, pertinac- ‘holding fast’ + -ous.</em> (Oxford English Dictionaries)

If you say "pertinacious" out loud, it might sound familiar. That may be because if you take away the word's first syllable, you're left with something very similar to the word tenacious, which means "tending to adhere or cling." The similarity between "pertinacious" and "tenacious" isn't mere coincidence; both words derive from "tenax," the Latin word for "tenacious," and ultimately from the verb tenēre, meaning "to hold." Another descendant of "tenēre" is "tenure," a word that is typically used of the right to hold a job (especially a teaching position) for as long as desired (Merriam-Webster)


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