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Tuesday word: Fugitive

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Fugitive (noun, adjective)
fu·gi·tive [fyoo-ji-tiv]

1. a person who is fleeing, from prosecution, intolerable circumstances, etc.; a runaway: a fugitive from justice; a fugitive from a dictatorial regime.

2. having taken flight, or run away: a fugitive slave.
3. fleeting; transitory; elusive: fugitive thoughts that could not be formulated.
4. Fine Arts. changing color as a result of exposure to light and chemical substances present in the atmosphere, in other pigments, or in the medium.
5. dealing with subjects of passing interest, as writings; ephemeral: fugitive essays.
6. wandering, roving, or vagabond: a fugitive carnival.

Related forms
fu·gi·tive·ly , adverb
fu·gi·tive·ness , fu·gi·tiv·i·ty , noun
non·fu·gi·tive , adjective, noun
non·fu·gi·tive·ly , adverb
non·fu·gi·tive·ness , noun
un·fu·gi·tive , adjective
un·fu·gi·tive·ly , adverb

Related Words for fugitive
wanted, elusive, deserter, refugee, outcast, escapee, exile, recluse, outlaw, short, temporary, flying, ephemeral, brief, volatile, passing, criminal, wandering, stray, fly-by-night

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3. transient, passing, flitting, flying, brief, temporary.
5. momentary, evanescent, trivial, light.
6. straying, roaming.

3, 4. permanent.
5. lasting.

Origin: 1350–1400; < Latin fugitivus fleeing, equivalent to fugit ( us ) (past participle of fugere to flee) + -ivus -ive; replacing Middle English fugitif < Old French

Examples from the Web for fugitive
Contemporary Examples of fugitive

Detectives with a fugitive task force caught up with Polanco and a friend on a Bronx street in the early afternoon.

The Daily Beast logo
Shot Down During the NYPD Slowdown
Michael Daly
January 7, 2015

And Daniel Webster, a great opponent of slavery, supported the vile Compromise of 1850, Fugitive Slave Act and all.

The Daily Beast logo
Election Day Is Scarier Than Halloween
P. J. O’Rourke
November 1, 2014

He had made arrangements to surrender but failed to show and was picked up as a fugitive in Pennsylvania.

The Daily Beast logo
Manhunt for a Cop-Hating Pennsylvania ‘Survivalist’
Michael Daly
September 17, 2014

In 1964 you were given a guest star spot on the series The Fugitive .

The Daily Beast logo
The Unsinkable Lee Grant Sets the Record Straight
William O’Connor
July 23, 2014

He spends the rest of the movie struggling to clear his name and channeling Harrison Ford from The Fugitive .

The Daily Beast logo
‘Persecuted’ Is the Christian Right’s Paranoid Wet Dream
Candida Moss
July 22, 2014

Historical Examples of fugitive
His reason for not pursuing the fugitive may be readily understood.

Brave and Bold
Horatio Alger

Bill had horses which could outrun the fugitive , and why did he not use them?

Way of the Lawless
Max Brand

His name was instantly passed on by the fugitive to his fellows as a "safe" man.

Way of the Lawless
Max Brand

At the house they parted and headed the fugitive toward the stables.

Chip, of the Flying U
B. M. Bower

The hot pursuit of the fugitive plunderers had ruined the day.

Cameos from English History, from Rollo to Edward II
Charlotte Mary Yonge
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