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Tuesday word: Relevance

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Relevance (noun)
rel·e·vance [rel-uh-vuhns]

1. the condition of being relevant, or connected with the matter at hand: Some traditional institutions of the media lack relevance in this digital age.

Often rel·e·van·cy.

Related Words
importance, purpose, applicability, bearing, relevancy, application, materiality, congruity, concernment

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Origin: n. 1733; see relevant + -ance. Related: Relevancy (1560s).

Examples from the Web for relevance
Contemporary Examples of relevance

In a virtual world, it revives the relevance of authenticity.

The Daily Beast logo
We All Have a Rosebud in Our Pasts
Sam Roberts
October 15, 2014

The fact that the link transcended age group and demographic does speak to its relevance .

The Daily Beast logo
No, Pot Doesn’t Cause Sleeplessness
Abby Haglage
June 4, 2014

“The relevance is that it may explain a lack of communication between them,” he said.

The Daily Beast logo
Team Christie Clears Christie Over Bridgegate
Olivia Nuzzi
March 27, 2014

His fame and fortune—indeed, his relevance —were anything but guaranteed.

The Daily Beast logo
Can Heritage Foundation Posterboy Bono Save the GOP?
James Poulos
March 15, 2014

What then do you think is the relevance of fiction for Icelanders, for Reykjavikians?

The Daily Beast logo
Literary City: Sjón’s Reykjavik
Henry Krempels
January 10, 2014

Historical Examples of relevance
And, indeed, for one word of relevance were a dozen of sheer chatter.

The Leopard Woman
Stewart Edward White

But he was far too just a man to deny the relevance of the remark.

The Innocence of Father Brown
G. K. Chesterton

Relevance to the problem at hand will justify one approach or another.

The Civilization of Illiteracy
Mihai Nadin

A pause in the dialogue robbed Gertrude's next remark of any relevance it might have had.

The Creators
May Sinclair

The relevance of this to the experience which we call "seeing the sun" is obvious.

Mysticism and Logic and Other Essays
Bertrand Russell
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