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Tuesday word: Keen

Tuesday, Dec. 4, 2018

Keen (adjective)
keen [keen]

adjective, keen·er, keen·est.
1. finely sharpened, as an edge; so shaped as to cut or pierce substances readily: a keen razor.
2. sharp, piercing, or biting: a keen wind; keen satire.
3. characterized by strength and distinctness of perception; extremely sensitive or responsive: keen eyes; keen ears.
4. having or showing great mental penetration or acumen: keen reasoning; a keen mind.
5. animated by or showing strong feeling or desire: keen competition.
6. intense, as feeling or desire: keen ambition; keen jealousy.
7. eager; interested; enthusiastic (often followed by about, on, etc., or an infinitive): She is really keen on going swimming.
8. Slang. great; wonderful; marvelous.

See more synonyms for jealous on
1, 4. See sharp.
2. cutting, bitter, caustic.
3. piercing, penetrating, acute.
4. discerning, acute, astute, sagacious, shrewd, clever.
5. See avid.
7. earnest, fervid.

1, 3, 4. dull.

Related forms
keen·ly , adverb
keen·ness , noun

Origin: before 900; 1930–35 for def. 8; Middle English kene, Old English cene; cognate with German kühn, Old High German chuoni bold, Old Norse kœnn wise, skillful


keen [keen]
1. a wailing lament for the dead.

verb (used without object)
2. to wail in lamentation for the dead.

verb (used with object)
3. to mourn for by or with such keening or wailing: keening his mother while kneeling at her grave.

Related forms
keen·er , noun

Related Words for keen
impatient, avid, fierce, fervent, anxious, eager, ardent, intense, acute, strong, wise, shrewd, discriminating, sensitive, quick, sharp, astute, devoted, alert, spirited

Origin: 1805–15; < Irish caoine (noun), caoin- (v., stem of caoinim ) lament

Examples from the Web for keen
Contemporary Examples of keen

Would a state with a keen understanding of the power of propaganda be so willing to just throw away such a trove of information?

The Daily Beast logo
No, North Korea Didn’t Hack Sony
Marc Rogers
December 24, 2014

Manttan is keen to carry out research on that Burmese side of the railway as his father worked on that section.

The Daily Beast logo
Riding Thailand’s WWII Death Railway
Liza Foreman
December 21, 2014

And because millions of us are so keen to do just that, our behavioral habits are changing.

The Daily Beast logo
Why Every Home Needs a Drone This Holiday
Charlie Gilbert
December 8, 2014

The Telegraph reports that he is fluent in Swahili and a keen zoologist.

The Daily Beast logo
How A British Aristocrat Used Big Game Hunter’s Sperm To Get Pregnant Without His Permission
Tom Sykes
December 2, 2014

What results is a kind of mashup concert, a virtuoso mixed-media DJ set tuned to a keen emotional pitch.

The Daily Beast logo
War Is About More Than Heroes, Martyrs, and Patriots
Nathan Bradley Bethea
November 12, 2014

Historical Examples of keen
Nor, my dear, does your own mother always escape the keen edge of your vivacity.

Clarissa, Volume 1 (of 9)
Samuel Richardson

So keen the blade, so soft the touch, the sleeper did not wake!

Punchinello, Vol. 1, No. 6, May 7, 1870

His keen eyes had perceived Mary Turner's graces of form, her loveliness of face.

Within the Law
Marvin Dana

She had meant to wait; but, with his keen eyes on her, she could not dissemble.

Mary Roberts Rinehart

But you would pardon me if you knew how much I have suffered from it, and how keen my remorse has been.

The Dream
Emile Zola

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