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Tuesday word: Vulpine

Tuesday, Oct. 23, 2018

Vulpine (adjective)
vul·pine [vuhl-pahyn, -pin]

1. of or resembling a fox.
2. cunning or crafty.

Related Words for vulpine
clever, crafty, cunning, foxy, ingenious, shrewdness, skillful, sly, tricky, wily

Connotation: The possibility of deception is implied when this word is used, but it also connotes a keen mind.

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Origin: 1620–30; < Latin vulpinus, equivalent to vulp ( es ) fox + -inus -ine

Oct. 23, 2018 Vulpine (x)

Examples from the Web for vulpine
Historical Examples of vulpine

I have watched them cover their tracks with a cunning more than vulpine.

'Tis Sixty Years Since
Charles Francis Adams

What a kindness you have done me with your "vulpine sharpness."

The Life and Letters of Charles Darwin, Volume II (of II)
Charles Darwin

But Napoleons vulpine diplomacy was again overruling Talleyrand.

Joseph McCabe

Pakenham looked from the one to the other, from the thin, vulpine face to the thin, leonine one.

54-40 or Fight
Emerson Hough

If so, do it; and avoid the vulpine kind, which I don't recommend.

Latter-Day Pamphlets
Thomas Carlyle
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