Nehama (med_cat) wrote in 1word1day,

Friday word: Culaccino

(aka, "there's a word for that?! Who knew?! ;))

-The stain left on a table from a cold glass of water.
-A mark left on a surface by the bottom of a wet glass or vessel. the dregs in a glass, or the remaining part of a substance in a vessel. the end of a salami, loaf of bread etc.

From the Italian culaccio + -ino, derived from culo (“bottom”, literally “butt”).

Used in a sentence:
“The most irritating thing about having a soiree is the cleaning up after; and the most irritating part of that is the finding of a culaccino on our George II walnut side table.”

(from the Grandiloquent Word of the Day FB page)
Tags: c, italian, noun, wordsmith: med_cat

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