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Saturday words: Australian slang

  1. A Cold One – Beer

  2. Arvo – Afternoon

  3. Aussie Salute – Wave to scare the flies

  4. Barbie – Barbecue

  5. Bathers – Swimsuit

  6. Billabong – A pond in a dry riverbed

  7. Billy – Teapot (In the Outback on the fire)

  8. Booze Bus – Police vehicle used to catch drunk drivers

  9. Bottle-O – Bottle Shop, basically a place to buy alcohol

  10. Brekky – Breakfast

  11. Cobber – Very good friend. ‘Alright me ‘ol cobber’.

  12. Coldie – Beer. ‘Come over for a few coldies mate.'

  13. Daks – Trousers. ‘Tracky daks’ = sweatpants (tracksuit pants)

  14. Drongo – a Fool, ‘Don’t be a drongo mate’

  15. Dunny – Toilet

  16. Esky – An insulated container that keeps things cold (usually beers)

  17. Fair Dinkum – ‘Fair Dinkum?’ … ‘Fair Dinkum!’ = Honestly? … Yeah honestly!

  18. Flannie / Flanno – flannelette shirt

  19. Frothy – Beer

  20. G’day – Hello

  21. Galah – an Australian cockatoo with a reputation for not being bright, hence a galah is also a stupid person.

  22. Going off – busy, lots of people

  23. Manchester – Sheets / Linen etc. As someone who’s from England, finding a department within a shop called Manchester seriously confused me at first.

  24. Mozzie – Mosquito

  25. Servo – Service Station / Garage

  26. Snag – Sausage

  27. Sunnies – Sunglasses

  28. Swag – Single bed you can roll up, a bit like a sleeping bag.

  29. Thongs – Flip Flops. Do not be alarmed if your new found Australian friend asks you to wear thongs to the beach. They are most likely expressing their concern of the hot sand on your delicate feet.

Source: (70 more words and phrases, plus a quiz. Some of the words/phrases are not polite, fyi)
Tags: english: australian, slang, wordsmith: med_cat

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