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Thursday word: metheglin

metheglin (muh-THEG-lin) - n., any of several varieties of spiced or medicated mead.

Not that there was necessarily a distinction between spiced and medicated, in times past. Mead being, of course, fermented honey diluted with water. Metheglin is often named after the spices -- such as ginger, nutmeg, coriander, cloves, cinnamon, or orange peel -- put into it. There's a juniper metheglin made not far from here that I'm fond of. The term entered English (possibly at the same time as the drink entered England) in the 15th century from Welsh meddyglyn, which if I didn't the English attempt at an equivalent I would not even attempt to pronounce, a compound of meddyg, medicinal (from Latin medicus, medical) + llyn, liquor.

Pic of herbs infusing mead to make metheglin:

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