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Thursday word: sesquiquadrate

sesquiquadrate (ses-kwee-KWA-drayt) - adj., separated by an angle of 135°.

Or literally, from Latin roots, separated by a quadrant and a half. This might seem a rather abstruse thing to have a word for, and indeed its main use is in astrology, where two planets sesquiquadrate (separated by four and a half houses) supposedly indicates weak disharmony in their influences ("conflict in determined subtle tension" per one source). The astrological symbol for this is or . According to an old version of this Wikipedia article on astrological aspects, this and other minor aspects were introduced by Johannes Kepler, but now that it's been edited away, we can probably ignore that trivium.

Sesquiquadrate is not as beautiful a two-Q word as quaquaversal, but it's still a two-Q word.

Tags: adjective, astrology, latin, s

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