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Monday-ish word: sticker

noun: A thin wood strip inserted between stacks of green wood to allow air to flow through the stack to ensure proper drying.
verb:  To assemble a lumber pile using stickers.

(Yes there are other definitions for the word 'sticker'; I'm just listing the lumber-related ones.)
Here is an article on building a good lumber pile using stickers.  The picture below is from this article.

This week's word is brought to you by my friend who recently bought a "chainsaw mill":  an attachment that can turn a chainsaw into a very basic tool for cutting long boards.  (It also requires a special chain for doing "rip cuts" the length of the wood, instead of the usual chainsaw cross-cuts.)  My friend had to take down some black walnuts on her small acreage and is hoping to turn some of the lumber into fancy raw-edge tabletops, and the rest into a roof for a chicken coop.

My friend's endeavors turned up many new-to-me words, such as 'tailer' and 'skidding'.  This site has many more.  I need to spend some time reading through that list.

Etymology:  not sure; my guess is that it's just related to 'stick' (i.e., a small piece of wood).

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