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Thursday word: dactyliomancy

dactyliomancy (dak-TIL-ee-oh-man-see) or dactylomancy (dak-TIL-oh-man-see) - n., divination by means of finger rings.

Coined (probably first in French) from Greek daktylios, finger ring, from daktyl, finger. Per Wikipedia, there's a couple ways the divination works, but all boil down to suspending the ring as a pendulum, and where it points as it swings is read. Bonus word:

dactyliology (dak-ti-lee-OHL-uh-jee) - n., the branch of archeology dealing with gem engraving; the branch of archaeology dealing with finger rings.

Gem engraving because that's how signet rings were made.

Tags: d, greek, noun

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