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Thursday words: tribology and farouche

I missed last Thursday, so two words today:

tribology (tray-BOL-uh-jee) - n., the study of friction, lubrication, and wear between moving surfaces.

Where there are two moving pieces that touch, there goes the tribologist. Materials science ahoy! With a side-order of mechanical engineering, of course. Coined around 1965 from Greek roots tribos, participle of tribein, to rub + -ology, study of.

farouche (fah-ROOSH) - adj., marked by sullen shyness and lack of social graces; wild.

The basic connotation being untamed. I've known a few teens this describes. Borrowed around 1765 from French farouche, shy/wild, from Old French, faroche, from Late Latin forasticus, from without, from Latin foras, out of doors, akin to Latin fores, door.

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