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Monday word: theriomorphic

theriomorphic (thîr′ē-ə-môr′fĭk) adj.
Depicted in or possessing the form of a beast.

Etymology:  late 1800s, Greek, therion, wild animal + morphe, shape

The word is most often used in reference to theriomorphic gods,
but I saw it here:
"His understanding of animal communication and display patterns was revelatory.  When he spoke about fish, his hands became fins, when he talked about wolves is eyes were those of a predator, and when he told tales about his geese his arms bcame wings tucked into his sides.  He wasn't athropomorphic, he was the opposite - theriomorphic - he became the animal he was describing."
  - Frans de Waal, Are We Smart Enough to Know How Smart Animals Are?
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