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Friday words: 10 for the price of one!

Happened to run across this post on FB earlier this week and thought you might enjoy this compilation :)
Improve English Vocabulary

some uncommon words with their meanings

1. Cagamosis (noun): an unhappy marriage
2. agerasia (noun): the state of looking younger than one actually is
3. Hadeharia (noun): the practice of frequently using the word "hell" in speech
4. Estrapade(noun) : the attempt of the horse to remove its rider. (estrange: alienate or remove)
5. Auto-tonsorialist (noun): a person who cuts his own hair. (tonsorial= of or related to haircut or barbering)
6. Dactylonomy (noun): act of counting using one's fingers (dactyl: tip of the finger)
7. Jument (noun): An animal used to carry loads like horse or donkey (beast of burden)
8. Gargalesthesia (noun): the sensation caused by tickling
9. bombilate (verb): make humming or buzzing sound loudly. "a student was bombilating in the class while the teacher was delivering lecture"
10. maledicent (noun): a person who does frequent abusive speech


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