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Wednesday word: flounce

Sorry for the missed weeks!

flounce: [flouns]


1. To move or go in jerky, exhaggerated, bouncy motions, often out of anger.

2. To fling the body about, to flounder.


1. An act of flouncing, a flouncing movement.

2. A strip of materal pleated and attached at one ege with the other edge left loose and hanging, such as on a skirt, curtain, or slipcover.

Origin of the verb and first noun: First known use 1535-1545. Origin obscure, possibly from Norwegian, flunsa, to hurry.

Origin of the secound noun: First known use, 1665, from obsolete French frounce, to gather in folds.
Tags: f, french, norwegian, noun, old french, unknown origin, verb, wordsmith: trellia_chan

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