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Tuesday Word: Manducation

man·du·ca·tion [ˈmændjʊˌkeɪʃən]:
origin: (early 1600's) Latin; mandūcāre= to chew.

noun (adjective, manducatory)
1. Obsolete word for eating (feel free to make it relevant again).

2. Religious term for receiving communion: deeper spiritual bonding through symbolic gestures like the consumption of holy wafers or blessed wine (a reminder of the ultimate sacrifice of life for one's faith). *Actually, I heard this word in a 2013 episode of Father Brown, a priest everybody should get to know better.

3. Scientific term for the taking in of nutrients; mastication (you can thank me now for not repeating my earlier pun with a different word *cough*).

Why stop with ED-ucation, when you could have MAN-ducation as well!

Tags: adjective, latin, m, noun, religion, scientific, wordsmith: theidolhands

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