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Tuesday Word: Humblebrag (belated)*

hum·ble·brag [həmbəlbraɡ]:
origin: (2010) coined by comedian, Harris Wittels.

noun & verb
*Sorry, for the late word, but I got lost inside my mansion, don't you hate how that always happens on the butler's day off? Other examples:

"It's so difficult to find places that sell extra large condoms!"

"Girls with curves are lucky, I just can't gain an once no matter how much I eat!"

The Millennium really is the era of the inverted narcissist; the person who feels deeply hollow & insecure, requires constant approval & praise, but doesn't want you to realize that's what they're doing -- they need to be seen as kind, accomplished, selfless, well..."perfect". But bragging (or any overt form of vanity) is not a properly prince/princessy thing to do. Ergo, humblebraggarts came into existence.

#humblebragging is one of many irritating ways to try to get people to pay attention to you, not unique in concept, but new & slightly tweeked toward the limited formats of social media platforms -- this method projects false modesty in an attempt to mask throwing a bouquet at oneself (and invites others to join in); essentially, humblebrags are complaining about things that you're actually not-so-secretly proud of; self-promotion blended with criticism. They are usually brief, often a single sentence or two.

There is an entire book filled with humblebrags, Harvard dedicated a study to humblebrag effectiveness, and Twitter features a celebrity collection of humblebrags that is yours for the mocking.

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