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Saturday & Sunday Word: Androphilia & Gynephilia

an·dro·phi·li·a [ˈandrɔfi-lē-ə]:
origin: (1946) Latin; Greek; an= human + dro= male + philia= loving.

noun (adjective, androphilic)
1. A love of men; the sexual attraction to males (regardless of one's own gender). May also be called "androsexuality".

2. In animals, towards humans, in a scientific capacity -- such as a pet preferring the company of males to females would be androphilic.

full set of flags here (note: "skoliosexual" describes attraction to non-binary people)


gy·no·phi·li·a (ˌgī-nə-fi-lē-ə) is the same, but with a preference for females.

These terms allow sexuality to be discussed beyond the typically binary boundaries of specific sexual labels such as heterosexual or homosexual; it focuses on attraction versus a description of the individual experiencing that attraction.
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