Trel (trellia_chan) wrote in 1word1day,

Wednesday word (belated!): killfie

Sorry I'm late!  Completely forgot to do this last night!

killfie: [KILL-fee]

Noun: A selfie taken while performing a risky, life-threatening feat. While the people who take killfies are often killed by their stunts, that doesn't necessarily have to be the case for the term to apply. The word "killfie" was created by the media to identify this alarming trend that is often practiced by young thrill-seekers who combine the adrenaline rush of the feats themselves with that of the attention they receive by posting the dangerous selfies online.

A study conducted at Cornell University has shown that 127 people have died while taking killfies from January of 2014 to September of 2016.

Tags: american, english, k, made-up, neologism, noun, portmanteau, wordsmith: trellia_chan

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