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Saturday & Sunday Word: Doyen & Doyenne

do·yen [ˈdɔɪ.ən; Fr. dwɑˈjæ̃]:
origin: (1670) Late Latin decanus, from Greek dekanos = "chief of ten"; Old French deien= "dean".

noun (plural, doyens)
1. The most renowned and/or senior leader in a profession, class, group, field or subject; a person allowed to speak on behalf of same.
2. An individual whose abilities or skill are unique in their category.
3. The oldest within a category.


Doyenne of MIT, Nancy Hopkins, discusses continued unconscious bias against women in science.

doy·enne [dɔɪˈɛn; Fr. dwaˈyɛn]:
origin: [1731, 1900's] French; feminine of doyan.

noun (plural, doyennes)
The most renowned and/or respected female leader in a profession, class, group, field or subject.
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