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Monday-ish word: pre-crastination

precrastination or pre-crastination (prē-krăs′tə-nā′-shun) noun

The tendency to complete, or at least begin, a task as soon as possible - even at the expense of extra effort.

Etymology:  Latin, pre, before, + cras, tomorrow

Procrastination could be part of why I finished my taxes last night (and part of why my Monday word is so often posted on Tuesday).

Precrastination is a term that appears to have been officially used for the first time in 2014, in relation to this study.
In that study, the term is hyphenated (pre-crastination).
Less officially, the term was used in this 1999 newspaper column.

A couple of articles/blogs about that study are here and here.
Tags: latin, noun, p, wordsmith: ersatz_read

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