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Sunday Word: Iksuarpok

ik·suar·pok [ick-swaɹ-pock]:
origin: Inuit; ᐃᒃᑦᓱᐊᕐᐳᒃ.

Sort of like constantly refreshing your browser to check for the arrival of an email or a dog checking out every single person who leaves a store to see if that's their person -- a specific excitement, creating a pleasantly nervous anxiety; anticipation that causes one to repeatedly check/confirm/seek.

He/She/It's coming! Are they here yet? Are they here yet?!

Considering the origin of the word, I suppose it would be hard for someone to see a white igloo, on white snow, possibly in a snowstorm. So, checking in the Arctic may be practical as well as frenetic!
Tags: i, inuit, native people, noun, wordsmith: theidolhands

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