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Saturday Word: Limerence

lim·er·ence [ˈlɪmɪrəns]:
origin: (1977) American; coined by Prof. Dorothy Tennov (psychology) University of Bridgeport, Connecticut - no specific etymology.

noun (verb: limerent)
Have you seen Madonna in the film Who's That Girl (1987)? Moriarty from Sherlock Holmes? Or how Elsbeth Tascioni from The Good Wife interacts with an attorney named Josh? The failed experience within Julie & Julia (2009)?

Then you'll have some memory reference for this word!

Limerence is that sudden fixation, fascination, maybe even a slight obsession with another person and it comes over you all of a sudden. You think & fantasize about them all the time! It may be romantic or platonic, but basically you need that person's respect/admiration/attention and you can't control the feelings that you're having -- it's kismet, an involuntary attachment, and desire for reciprocation.

If you care to share, who is someone that you've been limerent for?

Or perhaps another fictional example of a limerence?
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