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Sunday Word: Ekpyrotic

ek·py·ro·tic [ĕk′pī-rŏt′ĭk]:
origin: (2001) Greek; ekpyrosis= "conflagration"

It is said that the universe began in a sudden flash, or bang, the BIG bang. But how will it end? Some say that it will expand and expand until the universe, like a person, runs out of fuel, growing cold; stagnant. Dead.

However, another theory compares it to the phoenix, coming into fiery explosion, then expiring, only to be born again, and again, and again. Swirling in a yin-yang of physics forever connected, feeding on one another for infinity: an ekpyrotic universe! The Endless Universe spells out the details in a book.

You know...sometimes romance is like this too.
Tags: adjective, e, neologism, scientific, wordsmith: theidolhands

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