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Sunday Word: Mambo

mam·bo [ˈmæmbəʊ]:
origin: (1900's) Spanish Creole; Haitian

noun (or v.i. mambos, mamboing, mamboed)

1. A fast-paced dance (or to perform it) from the Caribbean islands, resembles the rumba & cha-cha with erratic, alternating beats; the "boogaloo" & "pachanga" are other forms of mambo.

Before 1940, this genre hadn't yet been named as its own, belonging to a larger spectrum of dance known as Danzón. Dances inspired from popular styles from France & Spain in the 1900's mixd with the intense beats of Africa. By 1930 the melodies began to acquire lyrics & singers from the further influence of Cuban salsa.

2. A voodoo priestess; the highest form of (female) clergy in the Vodou religion; manbo asogwe= high priestess, manbo si pwen= junior priestess. The abilities and responsibilities are equal regardless of gender.

Tout moun fet pou soufri, tout moun fet pou mouri
(Everyone is born to suffer, everyone is born to die)

– Haitian Proverb
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