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Saturday & Sunday Word: Abendbrot & Abendessen

a·bend·brot & a·bend·es·sen[ˈaːbəntˌbroːt] & [ˈaːbəntˌɛsən]:
origin: German; abend= "evening" + brot= bread/loaf or essen= "meal"

noun (plural Abendbrote)
Essentially a cold dinner, or a picnic at home!

Abendbrot (ah-behnt-braht) is a more casual experience at home, while abendessen (ah-behnt-eh-sehn) would be a fancier affair at a restaurant. It's a perfect & tasty solution to avoid the fuss of cooking or an impromptu get-together. Best of all, everyone can make their snacks exactly to their own liking!

Suggested components (a mix of any): beer, wine, pumpernickel (or dark) bread, crackers, flat bread, rolls, potato chips, potato salad, boiled potatoes, sausages, cold cuts, any cold dish that seems suitable like a bean salad, hard boiled eggs or egg salad, cheeses (including cream cheese), pickles of any type, fresh tomatoes, thinly sliced onions or chives, olives, mustards, smoked fish, pâté, jams/jellies, fresh fruit, dried fruit, chocolate, honey, and butter.

As an American, I might add carrot or celery sticks. Many may also prefer mayonnaise, although butter is the traditional European condiment. Fresh herbs if you have them, but things like dried dill & parsley will work too.

Just make sure the salt & pepper shakers get invited as well!
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