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Sunday Word: Abeyance


a·bey·ance [ə-ˈbā-ən(t)s]:
origin: (1640) Old French spelling baer= "to gape", tied to "yawn" when it implied longing or desire (not exclusively boredom).

Description: You know that moment in a song when the beat comes to a halt, just before it picks up again and really jams out the tune? You could call that an abeyance, a temporary pause or suspension, before things start happening again; to be in a state of expectation.

Title: That idea of a pregnant pause can include one before a new person takes over. Like, in retail, when a manager quits, and for a while there isn't a manager to assist in running that department, but it's only an albeit stressful abeyance before the company hires a new one.

Legal term: Or maybe a person has passed away and their property is "held in abeyance" until it can be determined whom it belongs to.

Tags: a, french, latin, noun, wordsmith: theidolhands

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