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Thursday word: phylogeny

phylogeny (faye-LOJ-uh-nee) - n., the evolutionary history of a group of genetically related organisms; the historical development of something (such as an ethnic group, a concept, and so on).

Not to be confused with philogyny, love of women. Phylogeny was first used in English by Darwin, borrowing from German Phylogenie, coined in 1866 by Ernst Haeckel from Greek roots phylon, race/tribe + -geneia, origin, from -genes, born. It is to be contrasted with ontogeny, the developmental history of a single organism, starting from fertilization. (Philogyny, on the other hand, was borrowed around 1750 from Greek, possibly with a detour through Latin, philogynía, from philein, to love + gynē, woman. It is to be contrasted with misogyny, hatred of women.)

Next we should consider the phylogeny of philandering.

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