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Saturday Word: Zymology

zy·mo·lo·gy [ˈfɜːkɪn]:
origin: [1745] Greek; zymo- fermentation + -logy= study of.

noun (zymologic, adjective)
The science of fermentation! To rot things as an art: soy sauce, miso, beer, cheese, pickles, sour dough, cured meats, etc; study of fermentation and ways to apply the knowledge.

One of my personal favorite zymologists (ya heard me) being "The Cheese Nun" (a.k.a. Sister Noella Maricellino), as Catholicism embraces the sciences, her work has led to brand new understandings of bacteria (mold) and the knowledge of very old microbial colonies that have become completely reliant on specific cheeses for their very existence!

If this topic excites you, then I also recommend Magnus Nilsson, a celebrated Norwegian chef making exciting advances by rotting/fermenting unexpected products for exceptionally long periods of time. By the same token he also tries to preserve and re-introduce traditional Nordic flavors back into our culture.
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