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Saturday Word: Haptic (belated)

hap·tic [ˈhaptik]:
origin: [1900's] Greek; haptikos= to touch, grasp

Of your five senses, this one focuses on your sense of touch, particularly as a means of communication. You could say that a haptic person would be the type that's a "hugger" (or a "shover" in a negative sense). Individuals who are blind commonly rely on their sense of touch, or a haptic nature (a propensity toward using touch), in order to understand the world around them -- like feeling someone's face in order to "see" it.

Many animals employ various haptic ways to communicate with us, a cat rubbing and nuzzling against you for example (or swatting its paw). A mother animal washing with a tongue to create a bond to their newborn child.

Haptic technology, like an automatic watch that charges itself on your kenetic body energy or a device that tracks how many steps you walk in a day, are a growing trend in technology (as opposed to strictly visual technology). In the book Brave New World, the author imagines movies of the far future devolving into "the feelies", with little or no plot, and instead asserts emotional thrills via overblown images, along with specially wired seats that replicate sensations for the genetically bred workers; intellectual thought, or analysis of time or life, is not encouraged.
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