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indolent, adj. in·do·lent \ˈin-də-lənt\

1a : causing little or no pain
  b : slow to develop or heal <indolent tumors> <indolent ulcers>

2a : averse to activity, effort, or movement : habitually lazy
  b : conducive to or encouraging laziness <indolent heat>
  c : showing an inclination to laziness <an indolent sigh>

Examples of indolent in a sentence

  1. Perhaps Henry James's idea of the taste for art in England as a “tribute to propriety” holds perversely true, with the indolent taste for scandal and celebrity having taken hold as a bizarre new form of etiquette. —Sebastian Smee, Prospect, July 2003

  2. At home, however, there's something indolent about listening to a record that offers no hope for the unexpected. —John Milward, Rolling Stone, 11–25 July 1991

  3. Air-conditioning is for the weak and indolent. This isn't the Ritz, you know. Be thankful for a little breeze. It was luxuries like A/C that brought down the Roman Empire. —Garrison Keillor, Lake Wobegon Days, (1985) 1986

  4. She is indolent and irresponsible.

  5. <an indolent boy who had to be forced to help out with the chores>


Late Latin indolent-, indolens insensitive to pain, from Latin in- + dolent-, dolens, present participle of dolēre to feel pain

First Known Use: 1663

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