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Saturday & Sunday Word: Normcore & Nudnik

norm·core [ˈnôrmˈkôr]:
origin: [2009] portmanteau; normal + hardcore, accidently coined in a web comic called Templar, Az.

noun or adjective
Ultra-conformity; super normal; the trend for everyone to dress the same (known as "unpretentious"), by making zero fashion statement -- being deliberately nondescript or generic -- by wearing the latest trend of (expen$ive) brand name clothing* deemed acceptable or inoffensive in the slightest; a class conscious method of blending in. In other words, working hard to fit in while making it seem natural = high school FOREVER!

Clothing items are often androgynous or "unisex", meaning they work well on men and women, further blending the lines of conformity. *Acceptable brands (but not limited to): Aberchrombie & Fitch, American Apparel, Armani, Burburry, J. Crew, Nike, Northface, Uggs, and Vans.


nud·nik [no͝od′nĭk]:
origin: [1945] Yiddish (Americanized), slang; nudne= boring, nudyen= to bore, so nud + nik= a type of person.

To be a bothersome, obtuse, or pestering person; a bore. See also: "noodge".

The Yiddish word for a pain-in-the-ass or a willful idiot.
Tags: adjective, american, german, neologism, portmanteau, slang, wordsmith: theidolhands, yiddish

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