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Tuesday Word: Vantablack

van·ta·black [ˈvanˈtə-blak]:
origin: (2014) English; anacronym Vanta= Vertically Aligned NanoTube Arrays

The blackest substance known to mankind, it's impossible to perceive with the naked eye. If you coat something in vantablack material, it absorbs so much light that texture and individual parts can no longer be perceived; all surfaces appear completely flat. Not even a laser pen is a match for vantablack!

The material is very expensive to make and consists of carbon nanotubes (each a billionth of a meter), that absorb 99.965% of all visible color. It's hoped that vantablack can be used to make telescopes more useful, military equipment more stealth, and perhaps applications such as fashion more playful. Goths are already reportedly banging at the laboratory doors!

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Ridges & peaks of crumpled aluminum cannot be seen where vantablack lays.

source: Wikipedia
Tags: acronym, english, noun, scientific, wordsmith: theidolhands

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