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Saturday Word: Schlocky

schlock·y [ˈshlä-kē]:
origin: Yiddish; shlak= evil, nuisance, wretch → via German; Schlacke= dregs, scum, dross.

adjective (noun: schlock)
Trashy, inferior, cheap; junk.

It's an adjective sometimes used to describe over-wrought or less than Speilburg sci-fi and horror films; think Ed Wood. Personally, I like a lot of schlock, especially in the right mixes, despite the unflattering technical definition, schlock can be an indulgent romp in the senses or allow for broader creative ideas (even if not well executed). In short, a strong sense of fun, wether that is done with light or dark brush strokes.

Godzilla vs. The Abyss
Cotton Candy vs. Crème Brûlée
PBR vs. Duvel
Crayola vs. Mont Blanc
Barbarella vs. President Lincoln

Both sides have their charms!
And I know...you're all now literally imagining those things battling one another. Ha!
Tags: adjective, german, noun, s, wordsmith: theidolhands, yiddish

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