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Thursday word: chandelle

chandelle (shan-DEL) - n., an aerobatic maneuver in which a 180° turn is combined with a climb, trading off momentum for altitude. v., to perform a chandelle.

At the end of the maneuver, the plane is usually going just above the stall speed. The point is as much the tight turn as the rise. As a maneuver, most countries require being able to pull this off to get a commercial flight certificate. Adopted in 1918 from French (specifically, the fighter pilots), where it literally means candle (from Latin, root meaning to shine), from the full phrase monter en chandelle, idiomatically meaning climb up vertically, looking at the straight vertical shape of the candle.

She used too much rudder in her chandelle and failed her test.

Tags: c, french, latin, noun, verb

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