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Saturday Word: Taharrush (Jamai)

First time I've felt compelled to use a cut like this, but it's with respect.

Today's word was discovered upon reading about the attack of women during German celebrations of New Year, it turns out there is a "tradition" of this type of behavior -- it has a name -- and has deeply troubled Egypt and the Middle East for a while.

ta·har·rush [taḥarrush jamāʿī,]:
origin: (1950) Arabic (التحرش الجنسي الجماعى); taharrush = “harassment” +‎ jinsi = “sexual”, jamai= "circle" or "mass".

noun or verb
Certain religious extremists use sexual harassment and rape as a supposed form of "punishment" for women who do not conform to strict Muslim law. However, traditional Muslim women have also been assaulted in this manner. There are 14 varieties of taharrush, one of which is taharrush jamai or an organized group of sexual harassment and/or rape.

Sometimes "jamai" (jah-my) or "gemea", gets transliterated into the English word "game" or "rape game", so you may read that or the phrase "taharrush game" in articles.

The strategy is complex, and well thought out, involving 2-3 layers of males (linked into rings) encircling one or a few women. In Egypt this technique was given the nickname, "The Circle of Hell" because even the woman/women cannot escape or perceive the sheer number of people assaulting them. Then, if anyone actually does know an attack is going on...helping or reaching the victims becomes equally impossible.

The inner circle gropes, strips, and assaults the victim(s) while focusing on their sexual organs. The secondary circle watches the events unfold (and may eventually move to the 1st circle) as this is believed to add to the victim's deserved shame; these men are witnesses and a wall preventing people nearby from seeing anything. If a 3rd circle is present, they will divert all attention to events unfolding and if need be do so by pretending they are going to rescue the women/woman -- deliberately adding to the confusion and chaos.

The city of Cairo has developed volunteer groups, called OpAntiSH (Operation Anti Sexual Harassment), specifically to combat the taharrush jamai incidents, risking violence upon themselves in the process.

More info here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mass_sexual_assault_in_Egypt

The entire topic has become very controversial.

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